Warp2one Stream Force 1

June 15, 2013

MK☆ – Warp2one Stream Force 1 by MK☆ on Mixcloud

Eurobeat at Deshima Sounds: Sumo of Summer (June 2012) by MK☆ on MixcloudDownload

Radio silence…

April 15, 2012

Sorry for being so silent lately. Yes, I promised I’d make you a non-stop mix each month, but life has been really busy for me as of late (yea, bad excuse). I’ll make it up to you, as the next few weeks I’ll upload whatever you guys had to miss. Don’t cry.

If you have any requests or recommendations for a genre of mix, let me know. I’m open to everything!

Best of Beats mix 2012/01

February 6, 2012

Best of Beats – 2012/01 by MK☆ on MixcloudDownload

New Year’s Resolutions

January 6, 2012

Usually, I’m not the kind of guy who commits himself to new year’s resolutions, because the new year shouldn’t be the only moment to make life-changing decisions. But, after having read a few highly achievable DJing goals for 2012, I decided I should at least do one of them. Which one you ask? Well, I’m going to make a mix a month. Just to showcase some of the awesome songs I have lying here. The latest one will be available for download, others will be available on my MixCloud page.

So there, another reason to keep coming back to this site.

Oh, and of course a happy new year to all of you!

Bits With A Bite

December 19, 2011

Deshima Sounds: Bits With A Bite

Last weekend the seventh edition of Deshima Sounds was held in de Bazart, The Hague. It was a lot of fun, and that was all made possible by the awesome crowd. I love you guys. Here’s what my experience was – with a few extras.

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