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After the success of last year, we are back with the Best of Beats - the Ultimate Eurobeat chart. Once again you can choose which eurobeat song is the best of all times. Vote for your personal top 10, and we will make a top 50 our of all your favourites. During a special Twitch live stream happening on 17 December 2022, every super euro song on the top 50 will be played while we count down to the absolute best eurobeat song as chosen by you.

If you want to check the results from last year, you can find them on this page.

Please do enter all your details below. You might just get a shout-out on the live show, and after voting you will have to confirm your votes by email. Please only vote once *

Every song you enter gets one point.
Your number 1 song gets 3 points.

Please confirm you enter the correct artist and title. We will try to correct small errors, but we are not able to fix big mistakes. If you want to vote for a particular remix or version, please include that in the song title as well.

Voting ends on 15 December 2022, 12:00pm (noon) UTC. We need a few days to make the full list.

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